Training so big, it's Monstrous

Get Training for ASP.NET Core from the Monsters

We are pleased to offer a series of workshops that we focused on ASP.NET Core and the updated MVC Framework. We're not just covering the introductory content here; this workshop is for experienced developers who need to get up to speed on how to build applications with Microsoft's latest version of ASP.NET

The Latest Code. The Latest Tools.

ASP.NET Core MVC diverges from ASP.NET and MVC of the past, but builds on what you already know. This three-day absolutely packed workshop uses a series of labs to walk you through the development of an application. At the end of the workshop you'll walk away with:

This is a proctored workshop that includes access to three of the leaders in ASP.NET Core development, Simon Timms, James Chambers and David Paquette. Known as the ASP.NET Monsters, Simon, James and Dave host a twice-weekly show on Microsoft Channel 9 covering all aspects of development with ASP.NET Core and related technologies.

There is a maximum of 8 students per Monster, meaning you will get the 1 on 1 time you need to complete the learning objectives laid out in the curriculum.

Check out the workshop outline below.

Let's mash on this.

We'll cover the bases. And the end zone.

We're going to be digging in on several fronts for three solid days of skills refreshment and development in many areas of building web applications. (Click to expand module details)

Not ready for the full-on workshop?
No Problem.

If you need a primer before you attend an in-person workshop we've got you covered. We recently published ASP.NET Core Application Development through Microsoft Press that will help you get up to speed.

This book is packed with over 24 chapters, covering the rewrite of an application at Alpine Ski Hill. The development team in the book navigates the new framework and explores various aspects of application development in ASP.NET Core.

Get your copy of the book today.